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Do you want to keep up with the important news in the Laredo newspaper but don't have time to read the paper every morning? 

The Laredo Morning Times allows its customers in the Laredo, TX area to read the newspaper online. The roots of the Laredo newspaper dates back to June 14, 1881 when James Saunders Penn started the first paper called The Laredo Weekly on a Ben Franklin Press. This four page paper was considered the original Laredo newspaper. Two years later it turned into the Laredo Daily Times.

Reading a newspaper online is becoming one of the most popular channels to get the news. Through the years, the traditional paper has adapted and transformed to deliver news to our customers. One of the biggest advantages of reading the newspaper online is how quickly news stories can be published.

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Over the years the Laredo newspaper has drastically changed. From originally being printed on a printing press to now having people read the newspaper online, times have changed. With the changes in technology, the Laredo newspaper has fortunately been able to keep up with these changes. They now offer many other services besides their traditional newspaper and their new newspaper online.

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Penn had established a commercial printing business affiliate in San Antonio from an Austin Base.  Recognizing the economic potentials of the border, he decided to bring his publishing equipment to Laredo, TX.  His obituary, published in The Times, says Penn brought his family and equipment to Laredo in a wagon train, arriving on May 1, 1881.

From printing press to the newspaper online, our Laredo newspaper has transformed!

Laredo had been settled near the banks of the Rio Grande for 126 years when the Penn family arrived.  Several newspapers had already started on both sides of the border, but these publications did not maintain operations long. Penn set up shop for the weekly newspaper at a downtown location, which in time became the place for the Penn Homestead on Farragut Street. All type was set by hand. He moved the operation to space shared with a funeral home down the street on Farragut at Juarez where a mortician also maintained a horse and carriage service.

Penn and his son, Justo S. Penn, blended into the life of the Laredo Community. Among other things, the tow individually and as heads of the Laredo Times, were key players in the development of City’s socio-economic life. In July 1926 the younger Penn sold the newspaper to J. E. Hanaway of Wyoming. Hanaway became the third publisher for the Laredo Times with two business associates, William Prescott Allen of San Antonio, and O. W. Killam of Laredo. 

The operation grew and prospered under Hanway’s direction. He brought to Laredo experience with newspapers in Kamas, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming, and he reorganized the entire plant at a new location on Matamoros Street. He installed modern newspaper equipment, including a press, linotype machines, and back shop tools. It was under Hanway’s management that Spanish was introduced to the newspaper. The Laredo Times became the first daily newspaper in Texas to include Spanish material in its news columns and advertisements. The bilingual presentation of information was vastly improved during the Allen years.

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Allen, who also published newspapers in Colorado and Alaska, improved on the Hanway initiatives. At one time the newspaper had correspondents in major cities in Mexico, including Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Saltillo. He also engaged the services of daily Spanish language columnists and reporters in Nuevo Laredo.

Allen and his nephew, Alan Tish, general manager, ran the Afternoon Daily, publishing Monday through Friday and Sunday until it was acquired by Jefferson Pilot in 1969-70. James H. Hale became publisher in 1970.  He left Laredo the following year to take over the Clearwater Sun in Clearwater, FL. The Times moved to its present location on Esperanza Drive in North Laredo, TX in October 1971. Later, Bill Baker was named Publisher. He was succeeded by Marc A. Hoy who was succeeded by Mike Herrera. The Hearst Corporation acquired the Laredo Times in 1984, along with several other Texas papers.  The Times soon shifted from afternoon to morning publication.

In 1986 Hearst named William B. (Bill) Green Publisher of the Laredo Morning Times, a position he still holds today.

With so many technological changes happening, the Laredo newspaper has been able to keep up with them. We offer many options to our customers like the ability to read their favorite newspaper online. We also give small businesses more opportunities to grow with internet advertising.

Proudly serving the Laredo, TX area with the Laredo newspaper online!

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Established: 1881


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